Show this to anybody who says weed kills more people than alcohol

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Weed versus alcohol. The debate over your health has been solved, according to science.

Each to their own, indy100 isn't choosing sides here.

You should always decide what goes in your body, not anyone else.

Weed vs alcohol

Science, that she-beast that won't let it drop, has been investigating which has a worse effect on your innards, weed or alcohol.

According to the most recently published data from Center for Disease Control (CDC), in the year 2014, 30,722 Americans died from alcohol induced causes.

This did not include drinking-related incidents or homicides.

A 16-year-study published in the American Journal of Public Health, drawing on data from 65,000 citizens found that regular marijuana users who were healthy were noticeably no more likely to die an early death than healthy non-marijuana users.

Moreover the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has recorded zero deaths for marijuana use alone.

Score one for ganja.

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