A white man called the police on a black woman 'after she tried to use a coupon'

Camilla Hudson / Facebook

In the latest episode of an ongoing series that needs to end, yet another white person has called the cops on a black person for seemingly no good reason.

Camilla Hudson posted a video to Facebook of a CVS employee appearing to call the police on her in a Chicago store.

CVS has since apologised to Hudson.

Hudson claimed in a Facebook post that the employee, who names himself in the video as Morry Matson, called the police after she attempted to use a coupon.

She said her coupon was mailed to her as a replacement for a product, but Matson did not recognise it and called over another manager to assist.

The second manager - who Hudson did not name - "said that he thought it was fraudulent", and refused to answer more of her questions:

When I asked for his name and his title/role within the store, he became agitated and rude.

When I pulled out my phone to document what happened and exactly what he’d said to me (AND how he’d said it!) he turned his back and walked away from me.

When I followed him and demanded that he answer my question, he ran to the back of the store and slammed a door in my face. 

Meanwhile, Matson told her he had called the police.

Apparently, they’d hung up on him the first time he called, so he had to call them back a second time, telling the 911 dispatcher that I was harassing them (which I have on video).

The video shows Matson describing Hudson as 'African American' during the second alleged phone call with the authorities. In the footage, Hudson commented:

I'm not African American, I'm black.

Black isn't a bad word.

Matson is running for 48th Ward alderman and promises "increased police presence" if he wins, Chicago Sun Timesreports. He was also a delegate for President Trump during his presidential campaign.

The police confirmed to BuzzFeed News that there were two calls made from the store's address to report an "assault in progress", but the officers who responded to the scene did not generate a report.

In a statement provided to BuzzFeed News, CVS apologised:

We sincerely apologize to Ms. Hudson for her experience in one of our stores.

The statement said the company was "actively investigating the incident":

The employees who were involved in the incident will not be working in the store pending the findings of our investigation.

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