The next time you're heading round to someone's house for dinner, it may be worth remembering what's in this video.

Unless your host has had professional wine training, they're just as likely to enjoy a cheap(-ish) bottle of wine as an expensive one.

The below video, filmed by Vox, explores the responses of people who were given three different wines - all from the same grape, but of differing "qualities" - to blind taste.

Their research - which was backed up by a 2008 study of over 6,000 blind tastings - showed that the participants actually rated the cheapest bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (approx. £5) the same as the most expensive one (approx. £28).

In fact, they even found that when professional wine judges were given the same wine to try on 10 different occasions, they gave it completely different scores each time.

The main trouble comes when people are aware of the price or brand of the wine - or even tricked into believing it's more expensive than it truly is. Participants who were told they were drinking pricey vintages tended to rate it more highly and vice versa with cheap bottles of plonk.

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