Police search for woman wearing eye patch who abandoned sick bulldog

Police search for woman wearing eye patch who abandoned sick bulldog

Police in Boston, Massachusetts, are on the search for a woman sporting an eye-patch who abandoned a sick bulldog at a dog grooming parlour.

The dog, which is said to be named William Katz, was left at The Secret Garden Pet Resort in East Bridgewater on 23 August and no one ever showed up to collect him.

The English Bulldog. who is suffering from pressure sores. as well as skin, eye and ear infections, was reportedly left at the establishment by a woman who gave her name as Melanie Winchester.

However, when police looked up the name in their database, they couldn't find any existence of the woman, who in CCTV footage is wearing a distinctive eye patch.

She is also described as being in her mid-40s, 5ft 6inch in height, wearing a grey t-shirt and blue jeans and having red hair.

Veterinarians have said that the dog will likely need surgery to deal with his ear infection but, although he remains at the parlour, he will eventually be transferred to Long Island Bulldog Rescue.

Meanwhile, local authorities are trying to determine who the woman is and how she travelled to the groomers, in the hope of identifying her.

They have begun to speak to neighbours close to the business as part of their investigation.

Chelsea Weiand of the MSPCA is quoted as saying by CBS Boston:

We hope that once the public can take a look at this woman and the dog, they might recognise them and be able to identify them for us.

Anyone with information is recommended to contact the MSPCA's Law Enforcement line on 800-628-5808. Those interested in adopting the dog should contact Long Island Bulldog Rescue.

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