Woman has best response to anti-abortion protester for only caring about foetus until it’s born

Woman has best response to anti-abortion protester for only caring about foetus until it’s born

The topic of abortion is contentious and debate about the right of a woman to have autonomy and control over her body has intensified since a number of states in America made it more difficult for women to access abortions.

Facebook user Insufferably Intolerant Science Nerd, who is of the pro-choice camp, revealed that she received “invitations to debate a forced birther on the ‘science of life’ and the ethics of abortion”.

The Facebook user went on to say that she “would rather wax my genitals with a blindfold on than engage in a debate with the so-called ‘pro-life’ brigade”.

And then she shared why she disliked debating the subject, in the form of an interaction with an anti-abortion activist who slid into her DMs to call her a “murderer”.


Instead of getting angry, the Facebook user posed the following question: "What happens next?"

The person who called her a murderer became confused, and asked: “I don’t understand why that matters?”

And then, the Insufferably Intolerent Science Nerd asked more probing questions:

What happens next? Once you have succeeded in your quest to stop the termination of a pregnancy – disregarding the circumstances for why the woman or couple wants to terminate (failed birth control, rape, lack of financial stability, unsuitable environment, domestic violence, mental health issues, lack of employment, medical issues, lack of comprehensive sexual education) – what happens next?

Who pays for the prenatal or postnatal care? Surely not a couple working minimum wage who can barely afford their rent. Who provides healthcare and funds medical bills for single women with no place to live? Or a married couple who struggle to afford the children they already have? Who assists the millions of children in foster care still waiting to be adopted? Who helps them when they hit the street at 18 with no money or life skills?

She continued – who will find affordable birth control? Healthcare and education?

“That’s the parent’s responsibility,” the anti-abortionist cautiously responded.

Therein lies the problem.

And there’s the money shot. Here’s a wakeup call – you don’t get to come into my inbox and shit all over my Sunday with your over-inflated Messiah complex with your Facebook profile filled with delusions of superiority declaring yourself to be on the side of “life”, when in reality your compassion stops just inside the vaginal canal.

Don’t embarrass yourself and pretend that you give a flying f**k about what happens once a foetus is born, or about the people who aren’t equipped to raise them. Don’t pretend you give a shit about children when you aren’t prepared to do a damn thing about the millions of struggling families on welfare, or the millions of children in foster care.

The post was liked more than 6,000 times as people praised her for the simple, brutal takedown of an anti-abortion argument.

Facebook user Tracey Hambrick commented on the post, writing:

That is probably the best, most comprehensive response to them that I have ever seen. Well done, you.

Colie Zacharias added:

Your answer is amazing. I’ve gone back and forth so much with these people. It really all falls down to caring so much for something that hasn’t breathed actual air than caring what happens once it can and is actually dependent upon people, right there in front of their faces.

We couldn't agree more.

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