Yvette Cooper calls for buffer zones around abortion clinics

Yvette Cooper calls for buffer zones around abortion clinics

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has called for buffer zones to be enforced around abortion clinics to protect women from harassment.

A recent spate of highly organised protests have taken place around abortion clinics, intimidating and harassing women.

Many women have been confronted by protesters, been photographed going in and out of clinics and been presented with disturbing imagery as they visit clinics.

I think it's really important that women who are on their way to sensitive healthcare appointments don't find themselves being harassed, or intimidated or even filmed on the way to those appointments.

That's why I think it would be much better if there was an agreed area outside the clinics where the protests didn't take place.

  • Yvette Cooper, speaking to ITV

In October, spoke to Bpas, Britain's largest provider of abortions, which said politicians must seriously consider buffer zones, like the ones they have in the US, after an increase in harassment to patients and staff.

The group's comments came following a campaign by a group called Abort 67 which displays graphic pictures of dismembered foetuses outside abortion clinics.

I think we’re going to have to seriously consider buffer zones. Bpas support the right to protest. But this is a campaign of intimidation, this is not a political protest, this is about stopping other British people exercising their own rights [to abortion].

  • Bpas spokesperson

Last week, freelance journalist Sunny Hundal filmed a confrontation outside an abortion clinic where a pregnant woman strongly criticised the protesters:

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