People are actually getting dumped on Zoom now because everything is weird, yet just the same

Now that no one is supposed to leave the house, more and more aspects of normal life are becoming, let's say... digitised. And one of the break-up apps that's become the breakout hero of lockdown is Zoom.

People are having work meetings on Zoom, family pub quizzes on Zoom, evening drinks on Zoom and first dates on Zoom.

It seems we've now come full circle and people are also getting dumped on Zoom, which doesn't sound like much fun.

Writer Julia Moser tweeted about her Zoom breakup, and it turns out it's surprisingly relatable.

The tweet went immediately viral and we couldn't help but wonder...

Since social distancing measures have been put in place, it seems lots of people have experienced similar situations.

Then people started sharing their online break-ups too, because it turns out this isn't just a Covid-related case.

There was a lot of sympathy, but more amusingly, a lot of jokes.

No one could decide whether a Zoom break-up was better or worse than a break-up by any other digital method, but suffice to say it doesn't sound pleasant... Still, we sniff the beginning of a saddening trend.

*End meeting*

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