White woman leaves people speechless by asking hairdresser to put dog hair in her dreadlocks

Sanjana Varghese
Sunday 13 September 2020 13:45
(Instagram / Crissa Rajczy)

A white woman is being criticised after asking to have dog hair added to her dreadlocks.

Criss Rajczy, a hairstylist at Rebel Rebel in Philadelphia, said that the woman, Tara Hartten, came in and asked her to use the dog hair as part of her dreadlocks so she could carry the dog with her everywhere she went.

Rajczy said that the hair was too fine to create extensions, so she just “matted” them into the end of the dreadlocks.

Some people commenting on the post were impressed – and even said that they had done similar things, bringing locks of hair to get dreadlocks. But most people seemed to be a little confused and frankly, grossed out.

Some people suggested that it was cultural appropriation for white people to be getting dreadlocks in the first place, while asked whether Rajczy had made the right decision – but in the comments on her post, she added that she had previously done similar things for other people too, incorporating horse hair and other people’s hair.. Either way, it seems like Rajczy will continue to incorporate whatever unusual requests people bring her way – judging from the comments left on her post – and Hartten seems pretty happy with the results.