Boris Johnson loyalist shouts 'wait and see' at protesters outside Downing Street

Crowds gathered outside Downing Street today as Prime Minister Boris Johnson handed in his resignation as the leader of the Conservative Party.

The PM gave a speech at the lectern in front of Number 10 and was supported by his wife Carrie and the small number of loyalists who still support him after the more than 50 resignations from Conservative ministers and staff in recent days.

One such loyalist was Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns, who shouted at the Downing Street crowds who jeered as she left Number 10 and ominously told them to “wait and see”.

Clips of the incident were posted on social media, where Jenkyns could be heard angrily shouting at the crowd: “Those who laugh last laugh the loudest. Wait and see. Wait and see”

Journalist Tom Peck shared a clip of the moment, writing alongside it: “Such dignity in these historic moments.”

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The moment was also shared by PoliticsJOE who were on the scene interviewing members of the crowd at the time.

Responding to the clip, one Twitter user wrote: “Look at this absolute header. This is what happens when you dredge the bottom half of the Facebook comments and stick it in a blue rosette.”

Another said: “I’ve seen people get kicked out of Wetherspoons with more dignity.”

One Twitter user said sarcastically: “Someone tried to tell me that Andrea Jenkyns was appalling the other day.

“They will be eating their words when they see this video. where she makes her point with grace and intelligence.”

“Is that a threat? Certainly sounds like one,” another stated.

Now Johnson has finally agreed to quit, a race to replace the leader of the Conservative party will now commence.

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