Boris Johnson mocked for arriving at G7 with his own branded merchandise

<p>Johnson modelling his new black bomber with his job role and Virgin logo</p>

Johnson modelling his new black bomber with his job role and Virgin logo

YouTube/10 Downing Street

Boris Johnson has been ridiculed on social media for sporting a Presidential-style bomber jacket that has the words “PRIME MINISTER” embroidered into it.

The black bomber also includes the Virgin logo, which has led people to question online if Johnson was being “sponsored by Virgin.”

In a video posted across 10 Downing Street’s social media platforms, the prime minister was at Newquay Airport, Cornwall, yesterday.

He was given a tour of Virgin’s LauncherOne, at the Spaceport alongside Transport secretary, Grant Shapps.

The UK Space Agency investing £7.8m into the development of Spaceport Cornwall and it is hoped that the Virgin Orbit LauncherOne will send UK payloads and satellites up into space.

It appears that the fellow cabinet members must have rung ahead to coordinate their outfits.

Since Shapps turned up appearing very much on-brand, wearing a similar bomber jacket - with the embroidered words “TRANSPORT SECRETARY.”

You know, just in case they forgot what they’re doing there.

Of course, people on Twitter were questioning the inclusion of the Virgin Media logo on their jackets - and making jokes at the pair’s expense while they were at it.

Meanwhile, other people were mocking Johnson’s and Schapp’s matching government merchandise.

Some were not impressed with the pair’s attempts to live out their Top Gun fantasy with their embroidered jackets.

Though, Johnson and Schapps aren’t the first members of government to wear their own “branded” merchandise.

Home Secretary Priti Patel was ahead of the trend after she was photographed wearing a coat, sporting “HOME SECRETARY” sewn into it earlier this year.

She branded the coat at a raid on people-smuggling suspect sat an address in east London last month.

But despite Patel bucking the trend on this side of the pond, it’s the US president’s that traditionally wear a personalised US Navy flight jacket.

Every president is given one in their new job role, with the title “Commander-in-Chief’ embroidered on the garment.

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