Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives have a lottery on and the grand prize is plain weird

Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives have a lottery on and the grand prize is plain weird

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Taking part in a lottery is, for some, utterly thrilling. The prospect of winning a life-changing cash sum to fund your next holiday, pay off debts or buy a new car is just too exciting – but we’d argue the prizes on offer in the Conservative Party’s latest lottery are anything but.

Of course, as a political party reliant on donations (and in 2021, The Independent reported a quarter of individual donations came from just 10 people), the Conservatives are keen to generate cash to keep their party going.

And what better than a lottery where the top prize is… £10,000 and a 10-minute phone call with Conservatives leader and prime minister Rishi Sunak.

Yes, really.

Meanwhile the second place prize in the “fast reply draw” is a £5,000 Jet2 holiday voucher, and a third prize is £1,000 and a cricket bat signed by Mr Sunak.

Somehow we can’t help but feel like the majority of people won’t be batting an eyelid when it comes to entering.

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Well, if Twitter is anything to go by, some people are more interested in thinking about the complaints they would raise with Mr Sunak if they got him on the phone, and others have accused the Tories of being “desperate”:

Mr Sunak is apparently a “lifelong cricket fan”, having welcomed England’s T20 World Cup winners to Downing Street in March.

And if you’re seriously considering taking part in the lottery – because the prizes are that irresistible, apparently – you have until 23 June to do so.

Also, take a look at the small print, which notes that last year, entrants had a “one in 1,287 [chance] in our weekly draws and one in 769 [chance] in our seasonal superdraws”.

To put this in perspective, it's more likely that I have the same birthday as the person reading this (one in 365, of course), than win a prize in the Conservative lottery.

I'll go get the cake...

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