Eric Trump accepts 'Q' painting of his father at controversial conference
ReAwaken America

In the latest troubling disaster from the Trump family, Eric was filmed gratefully accepting a painting of his ex-president father, complete with the letter ‘Q’ hanging over his left shoulder.

Whether Trump spotted the symbol – associated with the far-right conspiracy theory that his dad is fighting devil-worshipping paedophiles at the heart of America’s elite – remains unknown, but we feel it would be unfair to assume he did.

Trump was presented with the painting as part of the 'Reawaken America Tour', run by author and businessman Clay Clark, which stopped off at San Diego, California on Friday and Saturday.

On a webpage explaining the “purpose” behind the conference, Mr Clark writes he was “called by God” to “expose the ‘Covid-19/Great Reset’ agenda being pushed by Bill Gates … George Soros [the billionaire investor who is a regular target for antisemitic conspiracy theories], China, and other elite globalists that hate God and America”.

He adds the tour is designed to “expose the election fraud, medical fraud, religious fraud, monetary fraud and mainstream media fraud” which he claims has been used to push the so-called ‘Great Reset’.

“Monetary fraud” being a hilarious and redundant phrase for Mr Clark to use when Merriam-Webster define the act as an “intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value” – often some monetary value.

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Nevertheless, Mr Trump decided to attend the conference, and it was while he was on stage that he was presented with the artwork, telling the crowd: “I love that!”

He then proceeded to say he was “disappointed” and “mad” at California, asking the audience “how did you give us Kamala Harris?”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also targeted in his address, and described his father as “one of the most beloved people in American history”.


When the presentation of the painting was shared on Twitter on Saturday, many expressed their disgust and concern at the image, with one writing they “almost lost my breakfast”.

In other words, we think a lot of people have been left asking ‘why’, instead of ‘Q’…

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