Fox News host thinks Biden was president in summer 2020 and blamed him for stuff Trump did

Canada's Trudeau Invokes Emergency Powers To Quell COVID-19 Protests

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro seemingly forgot who the president was in 2020 - and Twitter had a field day.

Pirro was taking part in a discussion on The Five about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoking the Emergency Act in order to stop the "Freedom Convoy" protesters.

She said that Trudeau is “now going to listen to Biden”, before launching into a tirade about how Joe Biden “[allowed] people to… create all kinds of problems” during the nationwide anti-racism protests.

Except Joe Biden wasn’t the president in summer 2020. Donald Trump was in the Oval Office at that time.

On Tuesday’s show, Pirro ranted: “Biden now has the final word on what you should do if someone is protesting peacefully.

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“Biden, the same guy who in the summer of 2020 decided he would allow people to burn down, you know, streets and businesses and create all kinds of problems and arson and criminal acts and police injured.

“So Biden’s going to call this guy who is dumb enough to listen to him.”

In 2020 nationwide protests took place following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Despite Pirro claiming the protests created “all kinds of problems”, research from Harvard University found the Black Lives Matter protests were “remarkably nonviolent”.

When violence did break out, “very often police or counterprotesters were reportedly directing it at the protesters”, the report reads.

Twitter was amazed by Pirro making such an obvious mistake, with one Twitter user quipping: “Apparently we can no longer even agree upon which space-time continuum we are travelling.”

For more on the Canadian truck protest, visit The Independent’s liveblog.

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