Former Ukip leader gets shut down by his own brother after coming for the NHS

Former Ukip leader gets shut down by his own brother after coming for the NHS

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We’ll forgive you if you’ve forgotten who Henry Bolton is in relation to Ukip. After Nigel Farage resigned as party leader back in 2016, the disaster-prone political party has been bulldozing its way through as many leaders as possible in such a short space of time.

Henry Bolton, who was leader of the party between 2017 and 2018, now seems to be spending his time making a fool of himself on social media to the extent that he was owned by his own brother.

In a since-deleted tweet, Bolton claimed he had spoken with someone who was “extremely senior within the NHS” at a national level.

“They stated that diversity managers increase NHS efficiency. I asked how? Do they positively influenced [sic] patient outcomes?

“They then said they weren’t going to have that conversation and walked off.”

This would be a wild and bizarre anecdote on its own, but when his brother Simon Bolton – who was chief executive of NHS Digital between June 2021 and January 2023 – got involved and responded to the tweet, things became even more shocking.

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In a quote tweet, he replied: “Maybe [Henry Bolton] you should’ve shared the context of the conversation.

“The person you were talking with was me, your brother, and at a family funeral. I walked away because I didn’t want to engage with your small-minded opinions.

“I really can’t believe you posted this.”

As mentioned previously, the other Bolton went on to delete his tweet – and he hasn’t commented on his brother’s reply since.

After Simon Bolton shared the truth behind the conversation, Twitter users both expressed their condolences and their frustrations at Henry’s insensitivity:

Be more like Simon than Henry, people.

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