Republicans Want Biden to End COVID-19 as a Public Health Emergency

Political campaigns are full of cheesy slogans, but the latest one to go viral is so ridiculous, people can't believe it's real.

Many candidates enjoy making their campaign slogans center around issues that represent their political values.

While topics such as abortion and gun laws are nuanced and require a candidate to thoroughly explain their position so voters have a good idea of their stance, one Republican boiled it all down to just three word.

Kandiss Taylor is a Republican hoping to become the next governor of Kansas, and everything you need to know about her (apparently) all comes down to three words "Jesus. Guns. Babies."

Now, we don't need to get into the politics of it all to universally agree that this is a terrible slogan...seriously, you cannot tell us you argue otherwise.

"Jokes aside, she's the QAnon candidate in the GOP Georgia governor primary. She's particularly close to Lin Wood. Most of MAGA world is backing Purdue. Both are trailing incumbent Brian Kemp," wrote Arieh Kovler in a follow-up tweet.

"Trust me on this: I doubt #Jesus wants to be on any list that includes," read one tweet.

"Jesus Guns Babies is something I’d shout when walking barefoot on Lego," read one tweet.

"Only in the mind of a Christian nationalist is "Jesus, Guns, Babies" ideologically consistent," wrote one person.

One Twitter user joked, "Jesus Guns Babies is the hottest new club!"

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