Jill Biden says she 'fexts' husband Joe to secretly argue without Secret Service knowing

Jill Biden says she 'fexts' husband Joe to secretly argue without Secret Service knowing
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First Lady Jill Biden has revealed how she and Joe Biden argue in front of the Secret Service without them knowing - by 'fexting'.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Dr. Biden said during President Biden's time as vice president under President Barack Obama, they began texting in order to argue in front of Secret Service agents and eventually named it 'fexting'.

The name, we assume, comes from the combined term 'fight texting'.

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Dr. Biden said although she is her husband's fiercest defender, they also fight just as any other married couple does. Although, due to their status they're forced to be more discrete about it.

The First Lady even divulged that during a recent angry fexting session, she called President Biden an, apparently, rude name to which the president responded, 'You realize that’s going to go down in history. There will be a record of that.’

"I won’t tell you what I called him that time," Dr. Biden told Harper's Bazaar.

The magazine also noted that Dr. Biden has a love of April Fool's Day and harmless pranks.

Of course, as soon as people caught wind of the Biden's new terminology, many had to comment on the soon-to-be-trending 'fexting'.

Many people jumped in to express how comforting it felt that even the President and First Lady fight over text.

"Ha, I think we all do this these days," A.J. Delgado wrote.

"Smart. My husband and i do this too," Maria said.

"Normal people. So refreshing," Suzette wrote.

Others noted how 'fext' sounds similar to the popular terms from Mean Girls 'fetch' and made memes about it.

Now we're curious how past Presidents and First Ladies have hidden their fights from the secret service, or if they tried at all.

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