Clip of John Major eviscerating Boris Johnson's government in less than two minutes resurfaces

Clip of John Major eviscerating Boris Johnson's government in less than two minutes resurfaces
Boris Johnson ‘broke lockdown laws’, says John Major

A clip of former prime minister John Major laying it into Boris Johnson's government has resurfaced and gone viral.

In the clip, Major was appearing before the public administration and constitutional affairs select committee (PACAC), which was taking evidence on propriety in governance in July.

He accused the government of having "broken the law" and listed examples, saying it "unlawfully tried to prorogue parliament, ignored a nationwide lockdown by breaking its own laws in Downing Street, and tried to change parliamentary rules to protect one of their own."

"The damage from that is widespread and beyond parliament," he added. "In the four countries of the United Kingdom, we take democracy for granted. We shouldn't. If you look around the world you'll find its in retreat in many countries and has been for 10 to 15 years or more, and looks like that is going to continue."

"Democracy is not inevitable," he continued. "It can be undone step by step, action by action falsehood by falsehood. It needs to be protected at all times.

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"If our law and our accepted conventions are ignored then we are on a very slippery slope that ends with pulling our constitution into shreds.

"What has been done in the last three years has damaged our country at home and overseas and I think has damaged the reputation of parliament as well

"The blame for these lapses must lie principally but not only with the prime minister, but many in his cabinet are culpable too and so are those outside his cabinet who cheered him on.

"They were silent when they should have spoken out and then only spoke out when their silence became self-damaging."

Clips of his evidence have resurfaced on Twitter and people have praised Major for his intervention, seeing it as still relevant.

Major has criticised Johnson's government previously. In February, he used a speech to the Institute for Government think tank in London to slam the PM's Partygate excuses.

Clearly not a fan of Johnson, then.

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