Tory MP Lee Anderson says he will continue England team boycott and ‘unpack boxes’ during Euro 2020 final

Tory MP Lee Anderson says he will continue England team boycott and ‘unpack boxes’ during Euro 2020 final
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Conservative MP Lee Anderson is having a tantrum.

The MP for Ashfield announced he would be boycotting England football games before Euro 2020 even began, because he was unhappy that players were taking the knee to show their support for the Black Lives Matter.

A few weeks have passed, and now England are in the Euro 2020 finals and will face Italy on Sunday. It is the first time the team have been in the final since 1966. Anderson must be livid.

Nevertheless, true to his word Anderson has said he will not watch the final. Because? He recently moved house and has boxes to unpack.

Speaking to LBC he reiterated that he thought taking the knee was “divisive” and said: “I do want to watch the England match, it’s the first time ever in my life that I’ve not watched England games. Maybe I’m a bit lucky for them at the moment by not watching them, they seem to keep winning.

“I will be cheering them on, I’ll be checking my phone for updates and scores”.

“We’ve just moved house so I’ve get plenty of work to do in my house over the weekend with lots of boxes to unpack”.

He also told Guido Fawkes, that he will sort out his “new collection of soft furnishings”.

Sounds fun!

As you can imagine, people were less than sympathetic to Anderson’s plight.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party has started an online campaign to ensure Anderson keeps to his word and stays home during the final.

In a post which they are calling on supporters to sign, they wrote:

“Sulky Tory MP Lee Anderson hasn’t been cheering England’s heroes like the rest of us because he doesn’t like their simple act of anti-racism. As Anderson was born in 1967 we think maybe he’s been the jinx all along.

Reaching our first final since before he was born is such a great feeling. But it’s not enough. We want to finish the job on Sunday.

So we’re saying: Anderson, stay away, do the housework, watch Midsomer Murders, anything. And keep up your pathetic one-man boycott for one more game. Come on England!”

Labour MPs added their two cents:

However, it seems their campaign is completely unnecessary because Anderson is adamant that taking the knee is bad enough to warrant missing history in the making.

It’s coming home while Anderson is organising his new home. What a shame.

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