Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘blows up socialism’ in bizarre election advert
Marjorie Taylor Greene/Facebook

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the controversial Republican representative for Georgia, has released a new campaign video on social media, and it’s as wild as you’d expect it to be.

Since her election to Congress in November 2020, Ms Greene has been part of several scandals ranging from harassing Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, to her support of conspiracy theories such as QAnon which saw her stripped of her committee assignments.

Now, with the next election for Georgia’s 14th congressional district taking place later this year, Greene is keen to remind voters what it is she stands for.

And it is… A Lot.

First of all, the video, lasting 2 minutes and 17 seconds, is soundtracked by a cinematic cover of the Linkin Park classic, “In the End”, from producer Tommee Profitt.

And we have a feeling that the rock band won’t be too happy with Trump supporter Greene using their hit single, given their former frontman – the late Chester Bennington – wasn’t exactly a fan of the ex-president.

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In a tweet posted in January 2017, Mr Bennington wrote: “Trump is a greater threat to the USA than terrorism! We have to take back our voices and stand for what we believe in.”

Three years later, when President Trump still had a Twitter account, he retweeted a video from White House social media director Dan Scavino’s profile which also featured a Linkin Park track.

Twitter went on to disable the video following a copyright complaint from the group, who issued a statement on the platform which read: “Linkin Park did not and does not endorse Trump, nor authorise his organisation to use any of our music. A cease and desist has been issued.”

With MTG now deciding to use the band’s music to aid her political messaging, social media users have been left wondering what Linkin Park make of all this:

As well as ruining what is arguably an absolute classic from Linkin Park, she also goes on to destroy a car labelled ‘socialism’ for some reason – with objects branded ‘open borders’, ‘green new deal’ and ‘gun control’ also blown to smithereens.

Another similar campaign video from Ms Greene, posted in September, saw the politician announce she is giving away a 50-calibre rifle “the Democrats will ban” if they win the elections taking place in 2022.

“[This year] I’m going to blow away the Democrats’ socialist agenda,” she said, before appearing to blow up a car with the same type of rifle she said she was giving away.

The scenes were mocked by the left-wing YouTube show The Young Turks, with co-host Cenk Uygur commenting: “I don’t know if a 50-calibre rifle really does [blow up cars], I have no idea, and I don’t even want to know. But if it does do that, doesn’t it seem like we should ban it?

“She’s like, ‘can you believe they’re going to take this away’, when any rando can grab this gun and blow your car up.”

In our view, we can only hope she tries so hard to win this year’s election and gets so far into the campaign, only to lose and learn it doesn’t even matter.

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