9 best comebacks as Nadine Dorries calls Partygate probe a 'witch hunt'

9 best comebacks as Nadine Dorries calls Partygate probe a 'witch hunt'
Nadine Dorries claims that Boris Johnson was removed by a 'coup'

Nadine Dorries has evoked the ire of social media - what's new.

This time, the culture secretary has wound everyone up by claiming the MPs who are investigating Boris Johnson over whether he lied to parliament about Partygate are conducting a "witch hunt".

Writing on Twitter (where else) she shared an article about the investigation and said: "If this witch hunt continues, it will be the most egregious abuse of power witnessed in Westminster.

“It will cast serious doubt not only on the reputation of individual MPs sitting on the committee, but on the processes of parliament and democracy itself.”

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Despite the Sue Gray report and police fines, Johnson has always said he did not knowingly lie when he initially said no Covid rules were broken in Downing Street in parliament.

But the committee, led by Labour MP Harriet Harman, will decide whether he, intentionally or unintentionally, misled parliament and if he is found guilty he could face a by-election and maybe even lose his seat.

So it is not exactly and unserious thing, and people found Dorries' exclamation profoundly ridiculous.

A number of MPs, high-profile figures and other social media users slapped down her argument:

Never a boring day when Nadine is about.

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