Nigel Farage compares UKIP to France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen
GB News

Nigel Farage appeared to draw comparisons between his and French politician Marine Le Pen's political fortunes which is as bonkers as it sounds.

Speaking on GB News following Emmanuel Macron's victory over Le Pen in the French presidential elections yesterday, Farage said the far-right candidate was getting "stronger" and said her managing to increase her share of the vote reminded him of the rise of his former party UKIP.

He said: "Every single election that goes by she gets a little bit stronger. And it reminds me of the journey of an anti-establishment party in Britain who they dared to call extreme.

"UKIP in 1999 in the European elections came fourth. In 2004, third. In 2009, second, in 2014 first and we got a referendum and I see a very similar trajectory in France.

"On current course the damn is going to burst at some point."

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Yesterday, Macron won a second term in office with more than 58 per cent of the vote compared to less than 42 per cent for his challenger, Le Pen.

In his victory speech, he promised to to be "the president of everyone".

"I tell those who voted for the far right that my responsibility and that of my team will be to address their concerns," he said.

Le Pen said she would continue her fight for power.

While he received messages of congratulations from European leaders including Johnson, Farage didn't seem best pleased with the result and called Macron an "anti-English leader" who will "never forgive" the UK for Brexit and claimed he will create issues in Northern Ireland and with the UK's immigration plans.

He said: "He loathes us.

"Boris Johnson can use whatever warm words he likes, it is not going to be a good relationship between us and France."

Someone tell him to put a sock in it.

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