Who won today's PMQs? Sunak roasted for being 'clueless about life outside of his bubble'

Who won today's PMQs? Sunak roasted for being 'clueless about life outside of his bubble'
Sunak says Tories' handling of the economy a 'triumph'

The advent of another Wednesday means only one thing in Westminster - prime minister's questions.

It is the time of the week when the leader of the opposition Keir Starmer quizzes PM Rishi Sunak on various issues of the day.

This week, the two locked horns on the economy, their personal records as politicians and whether Sunak is "out of touch".

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Here are the main takeaways from today's session and what we made of them:

Starmer: "They like to pretend it was just one week of madness last Autumn," 7/10

Starmer started by criticising the Conservative's record on the economy. He said they had messed it up over the course of the 13 years that they have been in power, rather than just when former PM Liz Truss was briefly in power.

He said even former Tory chancellor George Osborne didn't think much of how Sunak was running the economy and called on him to do better.

Sunak: "We are supporting working people," 3/10

A rattled Sunak in response insisted he was doing a good job and claimed Labour was not on the side of working people. He listed a load of statistics about what his party has been doing, like how Boris Johnson used to when he was PM, and it all happened so fast it just became a flurry of confusing numbers that we doubt will cut through.

And his numbers may have not even been correct...

Starmer: "Is he just clueless about life outside of his bubble?" 8/10

Labelling Sunak "Mr 24 tax rises", Starmer then advanced the charge that Suank is out of touch and doesn't know anything about the people he represents.

Sunak: "It's the same old Labour Party, they are always running out of other people's money," 5/10

In response, Sunak said that if Labour were in power, they would tax and spend too much - how original.

Then they clashed on Sunak's wife's non-dom controversy and Sunak appeared to get very annoyed indeed and attempted to dismiss the controversy altogether.

Starmer: "This prime minister is so removed from this country that he boasted he didn't know a single working-class person, so insulated from reality that he proudly told a Tory garden party how he moved money from poor areas and handed it to rich ones, so out of touch that he looks at a petrol pump and a debit card like they've just arrived from Mars," 10/10

The Labour leader then listed a number of Sunak scandals - the time footage emerged of him saying he didn't have any working-class friends, the time footage emerged of him talking about controversial spending decisions, and the time a photo-op of him paying for petrol spectacularly backfired.

The Commons laughed as it was the stand-out part of the debate, for sure.

Sunak: "Tonight we will see them siding with the people smugglers," 2/10

So Sunak jumped up high from a diving board straight into the gutter and implied that by not supporting the Tory's controversial asylum plans, Labour was siding with people smugglers, and with that, PMQs came to an end.

Stay classy, Sunak.


This seemed like a tit for tat edition of PMQs where the two leaders bickered like schoolboys mostly about their own personal merits rather than the major issues of the day.

The two seemed to genuinely dislike each other and scrapped in an insular way - and they didn't even have any funny lines or jibes to make it worthwhile.

But by getting loads of examples of times Sunak has acted out of touch back on the agenda, reminding voters watching at home just who they have in charge, Starmer takes the crown this time.

But only just.

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