Question Time audience member calls out Boris Johnson for 'pathological shamelessness'

Question Time audience member calls out Boris Johnson for 'pathological shamelessness'
Labour MP says Johnson won't ever 'change' and Tories will always defend ...

It’s been a tough week for Boris Johnson following his narrow win in the confidence vote on Monday, and members of the public made their feelings clear on Thursday’s Question Time.

A member of the audience on the BBC show spoke out against the PM and accused him of possessing a ‘pathological shamelessness'.

The woman in the audience hit out at the character of Johnson, saying he will be ‘dragged out’ of Number 10 before he left of his own volition.

“The thing that strikes me about Boris Johnson is that no matter what happens, now matter how many things he gets wrong, no matter how many people criticise him, he appears to have a pathological shamelessness,” the audience member said.

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He’s never going to go of his own volition. They were briefing earlier this week that he only needed one vote… to get through. He doesn’t care. He will stay until he is marched out of there. Most leaders would go at some point… but he will stay until he is dragged out.

It’s been a difficult week for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party, and things were made all the worse as Labour’s Wes Streeting perfectly summed up everything that has gone wrong under Johnson’s leadership.

Streeting dished out his unflattering summary of Johnson and the Tory leadership as he featured as a panellist on BBC’s Question Time.

It comes after 41 per cent of Johnson’s Tory colleagues declared no confidence in their leader earlier this week.

The audience had a lot to say on Thursday's episodeBBC

The latest Question Time, broadcast from Dorking in Surrey, also saw Labour’s Wes Streeting criticised Conservative MPs for being willing to “defend the indefensible” to further their own careers.

Streeting said: “I don’t know what people are expecting to change. This is who Boris Johnson is. This is who he has always been and he will never change.

“And the reason why he’s able to stay on, despite losing the confidence of 40 per cent of his MPs, is because the majority of the Conservative Party's MPs are willing to tolerate the intolerable and to defend the indefensible, and to look the other way, even as Boris Johnson bulldozes through the very basic standards of public life that every politician should abide by and every politician should be held accountable to.”

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