Australian Prime Minister accidentally becomes ‘man talking to woman in club’ meme

Australian Prime Minister accidentally becomes ‘man talking to woman in club’ meme

Australian Prime MinisterScott Morrison has accidentally found himself being compared to the famous “man talking to a woman in club” meme after a picture of him talking to a disinterested woman went viral.

The image, which shows Morrison in a pub talking to the seemingly unimpressed woman, was taken in 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic, but has recently resurfaced.

Now, it’s reminding people of the nightclub meme, which has been doing the rounds for almost three years and shows a man talking into a woman’s ear as she looks straight ahead, bored.

Someone posted a side-by-side of the two images and the rest was history. As is the internet, people moved fast in taking to Twitter to give their hilarious ideas about what Morrison could possibly have been saying to the pub-goer.

One person referenced a recent and now infamous remark Morrison made about a women’s march in which he bizarrely called it a “triumph of victory” that they were able to protest without being shot.

Others also made subtle references to the accusations Morrison has faced in regards to his treatment of women and his handling of sexual assault allegations.

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The woman he is pictured with has spoken out and confirmed people’s suspicions that she was as uncomfortable as she looked. On Twitter, Breanne Wilson wrote: “If I was ever going to be a meme, I’m glad it was like this (not the meeting Scomo part, you can see how I feel about that).”

Awkward is an understatement.

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