Trump Jr roasted for trying to profit from his Dad's mugshot

Trump Jr roasted for trying to profit from his Dad's mugshot
Donald Trump Jr accidentally says his father has the 'charisma of a …

Donald Trump Jr. has been mocked for trying to profit off the release of his father’s mugshot, following the former president’s arrest.

On Thursday (24 August) Donald Trump surrendered to Fulton County authorities in Atlanta, Georgia following his prosecution on racketeering and conspiracy charges in his attempt to overturn the 2020 election results.

The publicly-shared mugshot of Trump made history as the first to be taken of any current or former president of the United States.

It didn’t take long for members of the controversial billionaire family to try and gain from the historic image by making money for Trump’s legal fees.

His son, Trump Jr. tweeted: “Free Trump Merch! To be clear all profits from this on my Web Store are going to be donated to the Legal Defense Fund to fight the tyranny & insanity we’re seeing before us. Unlike many, I won’t try to profit from this but will do what I can to help.”

The tweet showed merch for sale featuring the image of Trump’s mugshot, along with the words “Free Trump” in bold red and white lettering.

Trump Jr. drew intense criticism for trying to get money from people to cover his father’s, an alleged billionaire, legal fees.

One person wrote: “THE GRIFT, er, STRUGGLE IS REAL.”

“Your family’s fortune is more than enough to cover legal expenses. F**k off,” another wrote.

Another wrote: “Well, that didn’t take long. The grift never ends.”

Someone else commented: “Why do you have to sell merch Jr? Why should hard-working folks like Us have to pay for your legal defense due to your father's criminal behavior?

“I THOUGHT YOU WERE BILLIONAIRES!?? Stop milking us all dry!”

Former president Donald Trump has been charged in four criminal cases. His political action committee has paid out $21 million on lawyers in the first half of 2023.

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