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10 of the most underpaid professions around the world

Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

In March, an Ipsos-MORI survey of 860 English adults found that 65 per cent supported junior doctors strikes, as long as emergency care was provided.

Opposition to junior doctors striking also decreased by five percentage points, from 17 per cent to 12, compared to February.

The survey showed that many of the public agree with doctors who argue against Jeremy Hunt's imposed contract, citing poor pay for the hours worked and the extension of normal working hours from 7pm to 10pm on weekdays and now including 7am to 5pm on Saturdays in this category.

UK junior doctors' strike action was cited in a recent Reddit thread, which asked users which, in their opinion, were the most underpaid jobs in existence.

Here is how they replied (it's worth noting that many refer to circumstances in the US, but many are interchangeable with the UK):

Any overnight staff:

It messes with your sleep schedule, causes a dissonance between you and the rest of society, and you're not generally appreciated. I worked overnights on weekends during college and it caused me to develop an extreme appreciation for those that can handle it.

  • MarlonBrandohh

Emergency services technician:

I used to clean up suicide and violent death scenes for $12 per hour. So I'd say that job ranks relatively high on the underpaid scale.

  • CupOBeverage

Medical researchers:

Coming up with cures or treatments for diseases? You'll need a PhD, and hope you're happy with 35k.

  • happy_the_clam

Mental health workers:

I'm a mental health social worker with a Master's degree and a clinical license and I get paid the same as Bachelor's level teachers in my area. They work 50+ hours a week, so do I. And I don't get summers, spring breaks, winter break, or holidays off. I'm sorry teachers, I really appreciate what you do. But when was the last time you got held hostage at poopy-razor-point by a guy who thinks he's the Antichrist in July for under $45k/year?

  • CrazySheltieLady

Janitors and cleaning staff:

Janitors and cleaning personal in general. They get paid really badly here in Germany and a lot of people treat them like trash.

  • Rascal93

Nursing home nurses:

These places are run by a bunch of cheap bastards.

  • IIlIlIlIllIIllIIlIll

I'm a CNA at one of those places. They claim that they have "competitive salary". I get payed the same as someone from Walmart, and they didn't need to get their certification.

  • Vinosdoh

Childcare workers:

Two women are currently watching my infant, along with 7 other infants. I think they are being paid maybe $13/hr each. I want to toss my infant out the window sometimes, and I love that one. And it's the only one I have to deal with. These women are EACH dealing with four screaming infants. For $13/hr.

  • scottevil110


Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Four years of veterinary classes and $150k later, you make $50-60k a year. Struggle to pay off the loans. And then you get told on a weekly basis that you would do work for free if you REALLY loved animals. Yes, I'm sorry your pet is sick or injured and you don't have the funds to pay for its care, but I can't just... do everything for free. I owe a lot of money. I don't even own the practice. I'm sorry.

  • CatintheDark

Hospital sanitation workers:

I don't know how much they make (my dad says about $15 an hour), but if they didn't sanitize rooms properly infections would spread like crazy throughout hospitals. The fact we have such low rates of infection given the huge number of very sick people in those places that undergo surgery I find absolutely amazing. Those workers play a huge and thankless role in saving lives.

  • king_no_calves


The job where you work 10 hours a day, go home and work 3 hours at home, usually end up buying your own supplies, get blamed when your students don't do any of their work, and you're first on the chopping block if your school underperforms instead of the overpaid administrators and superintendents.

  • ScubaSteeeve

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