The middle seat on aeroplanes isn’t exactly popular. You have people either side of you, and dropping off to sleep can result in some serious drool-on-shoulder social faux-pas.

It's very possible many flying phobias centre more around the fear of having to sit in the middle seat, rather than plummeting to a painful death.

But the underrated middle seat could soon become the most popular.

No, we never thought we'd see that sentence, either.

Airline interiors firm Molon Labe, based in Denver, could turn aeroplane seat politics on its head with its new design, the “Stagger Seat”.

Picture:Picture: Molon Labe

The Stagger Seat is positioned a few inches behind and below its right and left counterpart. It’s also three inches wider. And don’t worry, smug aisle- and window-seaters, you’ll lose no width.

And good news: it’ll also put an end to armrest wars.

Picture:Picture: Molon Labe

Even better news: the extra room allows for a wider in-flight entertainment system.

Molon Labe Designs is currently awaiting approval for its design, so watch this space.

They're also working on a special sliding seat that helps people board quicker.

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