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AI has turned Breaking Bad into an anime and it looks better than the original

AI has turned Breaking Bad into an anime and it looks better than the original
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With the invention of AI, there is seemingly no end to what the technology can be used to create.

It can create brand-new works of art, or even transform existing media into entirely different styles.

People have already used it to see what The Simpsons would look like as a live-action sitcom version and now, the iconic series Breaking Bad has been given a similar treatment after being transformed into anime.

Images of what the show might look like in the Japanee style were shared by the TikTok account @cyborgism which describes itself as “the intersection of technology and art”.

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The clip has been viewed over 452,000 times and shows still images of some of the show’s most iconic characters, including Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Gus Fring, Saul Goodman and Hank Schrader, all depicted in the anime style of animation.

In the comments, other TikTokers shared their thoughts on how artificial intelligence did.

One person wrote: “NAH THIS IS COOL.”

Another saw a comparison with another anime character, writing: “Jesse’s hat hair gives Jotaro vibes.”

Someone else said: “Hank looks the best.”

“Regardless of the repercussions on the entertainment industry, I can’t wait for ai to be advanced enough to animate the whole show like this,” another argued.

But another disagreed, responding: “I mean to have the capability would be amazing, but I wouldn't want to watch a show made purely by ai, without any human intervention at all... imo.”

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