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Six ways highly advanced ChatGPT-4 AI will blow your mind

Six ways highly advanced ChatGPT-4 AI will blow your mind
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OpenAI, the technology company behind ChatGPT has announced updates to their model and some of the advancements are truly mind-blowing.

Already, the AI chatbot has impressed people with its ability to answer complex questions in a straightforward manner.

Now, the creators have implemented new features to ChatGPT-4 that make it “incredibly advanced and sophisticated.”

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In a new video from OpenAI, engineers behind the chatbot explained what some of those new features are.

On Tuesday, OpenAI hosted a live stream where ChatGPT developers walked viewers through an in-depth review of the new additions.

Word limit increase

Unlike ChatGPT-3’s word limit of 3,000, the new version will be able to “take in and generate” up to 25,000.

That is 8x more than ChatGPT.

Can decipher images

In an exciting addition to the AI, users can now upload images to ChatGPT-4 which it can analyse and understand.

The new model “can express logical ideas” about images.

This means if a user uploads a photo of a balloon and asks, “what would happen if the balloon string was cut?” ChatpGPT-4 would be able to comprehend that the balloon would fly away.

In one example, ChatGPT-4 was able to decipher a picture of code written on a napkin and turn it into actual useable code.

This also means ChatGPT-4 can example memes to less internet-culture-savvy people.

More safety regulations

After facing controversy, the people behind ChatGPT-4 have decided to implement safety guardrails to make it more suitable for societal use.

This includes guardrails for adversarial use, unwanted content, and privacy concerns.

Now it will be more difficult for people to try and outsmart ChatGPT by making it say something controversial or try and "jailbreak" it with prompts. Developers said it was 82 per cent less likely to "respond to requests for disallowed content."

More accurate

Developers said ChatGPT-4 is 40 per cent more likely to give more factual answers than ChatGPT.

Previously, people noticed the chatbot was making some mistakes but stated them in a confident way, thus making it sound correct.

Can pass exams

Under the new model, ChatGPT-4 "outperforms ChatGPT by scoring in higher approximate percentiles among test-takers" this includes the Uniform Bar Exam, SAT, and GRE.

More languages available

ChatGPT is most popular with English speakers but that may change as developers announced ChatGPT-4 will be able to answer questions accurately across 26 languages.

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