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Consuming crime content makes you more successful, says psychologist

Consuming crime content makes you more successful, says psychologist
Kim Kardashian is recording a true crime podcast series for Spotify.

Many of us do it, but consuming crime content can actually make you more successful, says one psychologist.

Crime has riveted people for generations with shows like Unsolved Mysteries having been around since 1987.

But, with the invention of technology such as phones and streaming services, we are now able to consume it in multiple forms and at any time.

According to research by Censuswide for Google Pixel, 62 per cent of people commute to work at least four or more days a week, and of them, 64 per cent look forward to consuming content on their journey.

The research also suggests that 55 per cent of commuters who consume crime content on their way to work believe that doing so enhances their confidence and problem-solving skills, helping them become their most successful selves.

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TV psychologist and crime expert, Emma Kenny, explained how consuming crime can help you achieve success.

She said: “Unfolding or de-stressing during our commute can help support a better work-life balance, avoiding the cognitive strain that’s caused when we restrict our Liminal Space.”

Kenny also explained that crime novels engage analytical thinking and ensure you are mentally stimulated for the day. Following clues and intricate plots, and attempting to uncover the mysteries engage your brain and make commutes more productive.

She also suggests utilising time on the commute to complete brain teasers or fun puzzles that challenge your brain to think creatively and logically. Doing so regularly can help enhance your innovative reasoning and make you more successful at work.

One way to challenge yourself is with The Invitation, a new interactive eBook from crime writer, Ajay Chowdhury. It offers a fun and interactive 20-minute read – ideal for filling the average commute.

Google Pixel

Embedded with puzzles designed to stimulate and challenge, The Invitation is optimised for the Pixel Fold, Google’s first foldable phone.

Ajay Chowdhury, said: “It’s amazing how crime stories not only capture our imaginations, but also engage our minds as we try to beat the detective to the solution. It has been a pleasure collaborating with Google Pixel to bring this interactive eBook to life and lead commuters on a mysterious journey through London’s multicultural East End.”

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