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Where did Elon Musk get his 'forced to drink milk' meme from?

Elon Musk chatty as he leaves San Francisco federal courthouse

He was a bit quiet on Twitter for a few weeks, but Elon Musk is back posting the most random stuff again.

Musk has been active on the platform once again, doing everything from wading into the discussion revolving around Russia's invasion of Ukraine, to posting fake Abraham Lincoln quotes.

He’s also been uploading memes – and the latest post has brought the 'forced to drink milk' meme to a wider audience.

The image features two young women. A woman on her knees is having her hair pulled by the other, who also appears to be forcing her to drink milk.

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Musk has added his own text to the meme template, writing the words “Elon’s tweets” over the woman on the left, and “Twitter’ over the woman on her knees.

The tweet took a few by surprise, with KSI replying with the comment: “Not a tweet I was expecting from you lmao.”

It’ll be the first time that many will have seen the meme – but where is it from?

The picture dates back to 2017, when it was first posted to Instagram by photographer Eugeny Hramenkov.

It experienced a pretty quiet life for the first three years of its existence online, racking up only a few thousand views.

However, it then took on its own life online when it was posted to the reddit thread Dank Memes, with captions added to make a Stephen Hawking joke.

The Tesla CEO has been posting random memes againGetty Images

In that version of the picture, which is believed to be the first time it was used as a meme, the woman on the left has the text “Stephen Hawking” overlaid on her, while the bottle is overlaid with “a basic understanding of time and space” and the woman on the right is overlaid with “my feeble brain”.

From there, it was reshared online countless times and grew in popularity as a meme.

When he’s not posting memes, Musk has been busy recently talking about Ukraine and stating that he does not want to "enable the escalation of a conflict that may lead to WWIII.”

The conflict in Ukraine is approaching its first one-year anniversary this month and since the war started Musk has shown support for Ukraine and has also provided them with access to Starlink, SpaceX's satellite internet service to help bolster the fight against Russia.

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