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11 things you should delete from Facebook immediately

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Facebook is the worst.

By now, everyone knows it's just a sophisticated platform to sell you stuff.

Advertisers pay because Facebook mines your data (and simply reads what you give it willingly) for your preferences. It can sell to you better because it knows who you are.

Noone's used it earnestly as a way to connect with people since 2009.

You just scroll through photos of people you don't like enough to message personally, and watch videos, or like memes.

It's a grief pit we're all lying in, making excuses about why we haven't left yet.

So here's a few steps you can take to reduce its hold on you:

1. Delete the mobile app

Why do you need it on your phone? Seriously.

Think of all the hours you've spent scrolling. Think about the books you could have read, the people you could have met, the things you could've done in that time.

Also, Facebook grabs your location data. Which seems pointless.

The app also drains your battery massively, just by being on your phone.

Also it's got stories now.

Make the smart decision.

2. Your phone number

Firstly, why are you advertising that to your friendslist?

Secondly, Facebook just wants to be the front page of the internet, or better yet the entire internet.

Why help it along the way by supplying your personal contact information? Especially, when Facebook has made it clear it doesn't care about the welfare of your data?

3. Friends that aren't your friends

Researchers theorise that we can maintain roughly 150 stable relationships.

The odds are strong that you don't speak to most of your friendslist.

If you wouldn't stop in the street to chat, why are you keeping up the mirage online?

4. Everything Facebook knows about you for advertising

As the New Statesman covered, it's a lot.

Click this link and you'll be taken to a page which reveals your advertising preferences.

Delete everything and revoke all permissions you can.

5. Delete facial recognition

Click this link.

Go to "Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?" and revoke permissions.

6. Your location on photo tags

If you tag your location at home, people can see where you live.

This is bad for obvious reasons.

7. Your relationship status

It's a humblebrag you'll regret if and when you change to single.

8. Your status from the airport

If you post a holiday plan on social media you may not get an insurance claim accepted if you're burgled.

You told people you were away - what did you expect?

9. Your credit card details

Why would you ever do this? It seems obvious, but don't.

10. Your birthday

It can be part of a puzzle of information that is used in identity theft tests.

So why volunteer it? The birthday messages aren't worth it.

11. Your account

Honestly, burn it all down.

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