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'Scary' new AI will tell you the perfect things to say during a date

'Scary' new AI will tell you the perfect things to say during a date
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As a society, we are only just becoming aware of the full capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). New technology created by Stanford students has been labelled “scary” after it tells people what to say during an awkward date or job interview.

Four students named Bryan Hau-Ping Chiang, Varun Shenoy, Alix Cui and Adriano Hernandez have created a tool named RizzGPT, which is designed to help people with awkward conversations through the use of both AI and augmented reality (AR).

It works through the use of the GPT-4 language model and Whisper, an OpenAI voice recognition tool, which help to generate responses to questions asked during the conversation.

Then, by wearing a pair of glasses fitted with an AR monocle, a person can then read out the generated response as if they had come up with it themselves.

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Chiang shared a video of RizzGPT being used in practice on Twitter and explained: “Say goodbye to awkward dates and job interviews. We made rizzGPT -- real-time Charisma as a Service (CaaS).

“It listens to your conversation and tells you exactly what to say next. Built using GPT-4, Whisper and the Monocle AR glasses.”

The amazing new technology that was dubbed “real-time Charisma as a Service (CaaS)” has also been described as “scary”.

Scottish satirist Armando Iannucci argued he put a similar feature in his science fiction comedy television series as a “scary joke” that has now come true.

He wrote: “We put this in #Avenue5 as a scary joke. Now it’s real, and I’m scared and not laughing.”

Someone else said: “We’re going from zero to full Black Mirror in no time.”

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