Study: Brits prefer to objectify women's breasts rather than their bums

British people would rather objectify women based on their breasts instead of their bums, according to new research from Pornhub.

The (NSFW, if you didn't guess from the name) site's data team looked at whether browsers preferred breasts or buttocks around the world for 20 Minuten.

Looking at anonymised data based on the popularity of search results on Pornhub and Youporn (also NSFW) it found that British people prefer to objectify women based on their bra size.

Despite the colder and dreary weather which typical in these areas of the world, it would appear that there remains a strong penchant for what lies under those multiple upper layers of clothing.

  • Pornhub on Britons

The same goes for the rest of Europe. But not for our American cousins, as this graphic shows.

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