Google has installed an "undo send" function as a formal setting on its email service.

That means no more moments of utter embarrassment when you realise you've accidentally sent a message to someone you weren't supposed to or sent one with a glaring error in it.

The feature has been available in Google Labs, a testing platform, for a while now and was recently introduced in the new Google Inbox app, the company explained in a blog post on Monday.

But after feedback from customers - some of whom appear to have been sending holiday plans to their bosses and kinky messages to their dads instead of to their spouses (see video below) - the feature has also been rolled out on Gmail for the web.

The feature can be switched on in 'Settings' - with a period of between five and 30 seconds available:

After sending an email, a small box appears at the top of the page which allows the user to "undo" and edit their message before sending again (or deleting altogether):

Find out more about Gmail's new features here and watch Google's explanation of "undo send" below:

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