The Tories keep on using a picture of this tree on their constituency websites

This magnificent chestnut tree is the banner image on the Conservative website for the South East Cambridgeshire constituency, where Lucy Frazer is standing.

A similarly resplendent tree can also be seen on the websites for the constituencies of South Derbyshire and New Forest West; as well as constituencies in Essex, Bosworth, Norfolk and Sussex.


So where is the actual tree?

Photographer Peter Elvidge told the Independent on Sunday he took the photo on National Trust Land in High Wycombe nine years ago.

"I had no idea the Conservatives were using that one – it is quite an old [photo] and not one that I would consider one of my best from Hughenden Park," he said. "But I guess that it works OK in the context."

A spokesman for Heather Wheeler, the Conservative candidate for South Derbyshire, commented: "We're very thankful that it has been pointed out and we have changed it to a lovely picture of the south Derbyshire rolling fields, which Mrs Wheeler actually took herself. It is no longer High Wycombe. We weren't aware we were allowed to change it."

For some reason, the Tories in Wycombe have also removed the tree from their website. Hm...

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