(Picture: Wagstaff's/Vimeo
(Picture: Wagstaff's/Vimeo

Open world games are fantastic as they let you explore environments and form your own experiences within them. So can someone please turn this gorgeous 3D model of London into a game? Please?

The model, created by Wagstaff’s, shows a stunningly detailed, interactive visualisation of central London.

Sadly, this is not currently available to the general public and is a service provided by the company to developers, planners and local authorities.

However, you can see a bit more of the model via a Vimeo video or on the company's site.

The model is integrated with live public feeds, such as weather, traffic and public transport for planning services.

For a quick demo, drag around the below image:

Open plea to games developers: please do something with this. We will be so grateful - a new Midtown Madness 2, or even a Train Simulator? We don't care, it's just so pretty.

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