This is literally the best photo of Pluto humankind has ever taken

Nasa has managed to capture the most high definition images of Pluto and its satellite Charon ever taken. Yes, those smudges of white up there.

The pictures were taken by the New Horizons spacecraft which left Earth in 2006 and is currently hurtling towards the dwarf planet at a speed of approximately 36,000mph.

Even though the latest images were made from more than 30 million miles away, they show an increasingly complex surface with clear evidence of discrete equatorial bright and dark regions - some that may also have variations in brightness.

We can also see that every face of Pluto is different and that Pluto's northern hemisphere displays substantial dark terrains, though both Pluto's darkest and its brightest known terrain units are just south of, or on, its equator.

  • Alan Stern, New Horizons principal investigator
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