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People are panicking after this flaming UFO flew over Germany

iStock / Trifonov_Evgeniy; Twitter / @IMOmeteors

People in Germany saw what looked like a fireball speeding through the sky this week.

Understandably, they got a little freaked out.

The object, which was seen as far as France, Italy and Switzerland, was captured in a mysterious video.

As it flies over the town of Homburg, Germany, you can watch it give off a strange blue and green light.

The object was also caught in dash cam footage.

The International Meteor Organisation (IMO) said they received 1888 worried reports about the object from as far as France and Italy.

The sighting are thought to be linked to the Taurid meteor shower.

An analysis by former IMO president Dr Jürgen Rendtel suggests the pattern is typical of the annual event in which debris from Comet Encke's orbit fall to Earth as spectacular fireballs.


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