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Mystifying underwater 'city' discovered off the coast of Greece

Mystifying underwater 'city' discovered off the coast of Greece
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A hidden underwater “city” was discovered under the ocean in Zakynthos, Greece and the mystery about why it’s there has been solved.

Discoveries about our planet are being made all the time, with experts finding a giant missing blob of water in the middle of the Atlantic and discovering a missing continent that was lost for 375 years.

The discovery of the underwater city came when, in 2013, mysterious ruins were found off the coast of Zakynthos – the third-largest of the Ionian Islands and one that takes its name from Greek mythology.

In the bay region of Alykanas in Zakynthos, ruins were found that spanned more than 30 acres and were at a depth of two to six meters below the sea bed.

They featured stone pavements and the foundations of 20 columns with large round openings in the middle, which people believed were most likely used for wooden columns that had long since rotten away.

University of East Anglia

The large slabs of stone resembled the floor of an ancient public building, while the sheer size of the site made archaeologists believe that they may have stumbled on what could have been a port or ancient significant building that no one knew anything about.

But, the mystery was finally solved when archaeologists came to observe the site and take samples. The rather disappointing results revealed that they had not stumbled on a mysterious underwater city after all.

Instead, it was determined the ruins were naturally made, 5,000-year-old concretions – formed by the “rare geological phenomena” of the precipitation of mineral cement.

Despite the findings, locals on the island were unconvinced that the ruins were naturally occurring, particularly as old documents suggest that there was once something located at Alykanas Bay.

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