X-ray machine uncovers secret of mystery Star Wars box

When a Star Wars fan bought an unmarked collectible figure box he was faced with a Sarlacc-sized dilemma.

There could be a super-rare Boba Fett figurine inside worth £5,000, but if Dave Moss opened the packaging to find out then its value would diminish.

One of several videos he posted online asking for help was seen by Rob Burman, editor of Collectors Gazette, who contacted soil scientists at the University of Nottingham.

The university's Hounsfield Facility on Sutton Bonington Campus has powerful CT scanners that are normally used to study roots in soil without disturbing the plant.

Dr Craig Sturrock was able to create 3D pictures of exactly what was in the box...

... but unfortunately for Mr Moss it was an Emperor Palpatine figure, which normally sells for around £30.

"I'm slightly disappointed but it's still an amazing thing to have," Mr Moss said.

"A box that's never been opened and I do know what's in it. To me it's priceless. It's the centrepiece of my Star Wars collection."

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