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You can now 'unsend' a text message before someone reads it

(Win McNamee/Getty Images
(Win McNamee/Getty Images

Everyone has sent a drunk or angry text you regretted later. And even if you haven't, you've definitely sent a message to the wrong person by accident.

Now a new app called Privates (eww, we know) is claiming it can recall messages if you've already pressed send.

It only works before the recipient opens the message, so you have to act pretty quickly.

There are three levels - Mild, Wild and Insane - which will delete messages after 24, 12 or three hours.

Everything sent through the app is encrypted, and recipients also have to unlock messages through either touch, motion or camera security settings, designed in such a way it makes it almost impossible for anyone to screenshot your text or picture.

If anyone does try to screenshot your message, the app will tell you.

Privates was originally designed for transferring medical records, creator Dr Isaac Datikashvili told

I’m very honest about that but it’s better than anything else at maintaining privacy.

It’s not impossible but it’s virtually impossible for one person to screen grab or save anything if the security setting is high.

It's available for iOS, and you can check out the quick explainer video below:

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