Actors are sharing sexist and racist casting notices


Until recently, typical Hollywood films have clung to their traditional stereotypes.

And while this has improved over the past few years, it is clear that there is still a lot of work to be done.

Now, actors are standing up and sharing casting call examples to call out Hollywood prejudices.

Lynne Rosenberg, an actor, writer and producer from Brooklyn, New York, created a page called "Cast and Loose" for people to post racist or misogynistic casting notices and here are some of the worst she has found:


LEADS @2-3: "Greek Goddess" perfect-10 types, call themselves feminists, but never really thought about why they believe what they believe. These actresses must be Miss-American quality in looks; preerence given to former natioanl beauty contestants

[MCKENNA] All bark and no bite; she's also possibly a math genius, a skill she rarely needs because she is so beautiful

[ANNA] mid 30's... Girl next door beauty married to her high school sweetheart, struggling to get pregnant. Her failure to have a baby leaves her feeling less of a woman and wife.

Female Fitness Athlete: Hands are definitely in the picture, potentially face, legs, feet too, but the product (energy bar) is hero and the human is backdrop and prop

The 38-year-old, who has since evolved the website into a TV interview show titled "Famous Cast Words" had more to say on how the experiences of casting calls can effect an actor. Speaking to UniLad, she said:

When you spend your life trying to figure out if your identity fits into a series of archetypal boxes the industry seems to keep replicating, then without a deeply grounded, compassionate, and forgiving sense of self, the experience can be degrading and reductive. Even with a strong sense of self the words can get into you.

But it’s also about the absence of words, or what words don’t apply to you. I believe I am beautiful, sexy, and desirable, but I am also short, thick, stocky, and funny; in the eyes of the industry as it currently stands, these are markers of ‘best friend’ or ‘sidekick’, not ‘love interest’.

Unless I know the content writer to be a change-maker, if I see the words ‘beautiful’, ‘sexy’ or ‘attractive’ then I know they don’t apply to me. No matter how much work I have done in 13 years of therapy, that still hurts like hell.

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