Bob Odenkirk is remaking 'the worst film ever made' for a good cause

The Disaster Artist - Official Teaser Trailer

Bob Odenkirk is channeling his inner Tommy Wiseau for an upcoming project.

The Better Call Saul actor confirmed via Twitter that he is playing Johnny in a green screen remake of the cult classic 2003 film The Room.

“This is real. This is true,” Odenkirk, 60, wrote on Wednesday.

The Room has been called one of, if not the, “worst film of all time” by professional critics and audience members. Publications including Metacritic, Variety, and The Guardian gave the movie scathing reviews.

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The film’s acting, directing, writing, and camera work is comically awful, so much so that the movie has become extremely popular with audiences who love how bad it is.

In fact, The Room is such an enigma to people that a biographical film directed, and starring, James Franco was created in 2017 called The Disaster Artist.

With a public fascination for The Room, podcaster and film director Justin Decloux has decided to remake the film with proceeds going toward charity.

“I am very excited for the feature-length THE ROOM remake (Shot mostly on greenscreen) in which the Tommy Wiseau role is taken over by Bob Odenkirk - and it's not played as a joke,” Decloux tweeted.

The remake will benefit a charity called The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) according to /Film. The organisation supports HIV prevention, treatment, and education as well as AIDS research and public policy advocacy.

As for the “not played as a joke” part, Odenkirk echoed similar sentiments in his tweet saying he did his best to make it as serious as possible.

“And let me tell you, I tried my best to SELL every line, as honestly as I could… and I had a BLAST.”

Odenkirk is known for his dramatic acting performances for which he has received a Screen Actor's Guild award, an Emmy, and more. With his skillset behind him it, it should be interesting to see how he interprets Johnny.

The Room remake has not received a release date yet.

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