The big Brad Pitt error you probably never noticed on Friends

The big Brad Pitt error you probably never noticed on Friends
Picture: YouTube/screengrab

Superfans (because only they possess this level of obsession skill) have noticed a continuity error in the episode of Friends titled 'The One With The Rumour’.

In other words, that Brad Pitt episode.

You’ll remember Pitt’s formerly obese character Will Colbert, who is invited to Monica’s Thanksgiving dinner.

He presents Monica with a ‘no fat, no sugar, no dairy’ pie:

Picture: YouTube/screengrab

After realising that the pie is no fun, he instructs Monica to throw it out.

Instead, she puts it on the dessert table:

The pie can be seen when Joey initially comes in:

Picture: YouTube/screengrab

As well as Ross…

Picture: YouTube/screengrab

At the end of the episode, Joey returns with his 'Thanksgiving pants' [read: Phoebe’s maternity pants] after attempting to eat an entire turkey, and he walks by the dessert table filled with pies.

Will's 'healthy' pie is not there.

Picture: YouTube/screengrab

One question arises:

Where did the pie go?

The 'Case of the Missing Pie' will haunt us all forever, or as long as 'I'll Be There for You' is stuck in your head.

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