Chris Brown's new song is called 'She Bumped Her Head' and Rihanna's fans are furious

Chris Brown has found himself in yet another controversy after releasing a song called ‘She Bumped Her Head’.

The song was uploaded to Brown’s new collaborative mixtape with Young Thug, Slime & B, which appeared online last night to mark his 31st birthday.

People immediately took issue with the title and lyrics of ‘She Bumped Her Head’.

In the chorus, Brown sings:

My lil’ shawty had bumped her head, and I steady been whippin’ her/If I roll up the Maybach windows, we don’t care’ bout the listeners.

While Thug’s “sex” ad-libs between bars make it obvious that the song is about sex, the lyrics have been perceived as endorsing violence again women. Brown, you may remember, was arrested in 2009 for attacking his then-girlfriend Rihanna. He later pleaded guilty to felony assault.

The title of Brown’s song is thought to be based on slang for somebody who got something wrong or hasn’t got a clue what they’re talking about. But, as people have pointed out, it’s similar to the language abusers use to cover up domestic abuse.

The reaction online was mixed, with some people defending Brown.

But most people weren’t so keen on the lyrics, particularly given the singer’s past.

It must be said that, even if it seems like the association wasn't intentional, Brown probably should have known better.

Despite the fact that Brown and Rihanna collaborated together on a track from her 2012 album Unapologetic, it seems that he is a long way off his past being forgotten or forgiven by a lot of people.

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