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The friendly war between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is getting so out of hand that even their superhero alter-egos are getting involved.

In a tweet posted from the official Deadpool (the hero played by Reynolds) Twitter account, Jackman's Wolverine character was the subject of a rather bleak version of the 10-year challenge that has been sweeping the internet.

If you aren't up with your history of the adamantium-clad Canadian mutant then you are probably confused about what the two images represent.

The first is from the 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which served as an origin story for the character.

The second is from 2017's Logan, the supposed final Wolverine movie where *SPOILERS* he dies.

This is hardly the 'glow-up' that we've seen from most of the #10YearChallenge posts but Deadpool, or Reynolds, wasn't done there and included his on-screen friend Colossus in another post, this time turning the metal mutant into a rusty old bin.

People soon began to tell Deadpool that this post was way 'too soon' and that they were still struggling to come to terms with Wolverine's passing.

However, people soon began to hit back by trolling Reynolds with their own takes on the 10-year challenge which were arguably even funnier.

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