This dog goes shopping every day by himself

This dog goes shopping every day by himself

Some dogs can’t even catch a ball, but this adorable dog from Brazil can go supermarket shopping all by himself.

Pituco goes to Agro Pet Shop every day to fill his bag full of food.

Everybody knows Pituco

Agro Pet Shop’s vet told The Dodo.

The clever pup knows how to get what he wants.

His food is on the top shelf, so we have to hand it to him. He barks until we do

Added the vet.

Pituco is so well trained, he even picks up the shopping for his animal friends. When his owners ask the pet shop to give Pituco cat food or bird seed, he picks it up willingly and brings it back without eating it on the way home.

The adorable canine doesn’t have to worry about paying the bill as all his purchases go on a tab that his owners pick up for him.

He’s got it all figured out.

Who’s a clever boy? Pituco is.

HT Bored Panda

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