Game of Thrones fans spot plastic water bottle in show’s final episode

Game of Thrones fans spot plastic water bottle in show’s final episode

Warning: This article contains spoilers forGame of Thronesseason 8.

We already knew the Seven Kingdom was incredibly high-tech for its time.

First there was that mysterious Starbucks cup and now, we’ve learned they had plastic water bottles in the fictional world of Westeros as well.

Fans spotted the bottle next to Samwell Tarly at a meeting of the show’s surviving leaders.

And a second one was seen next to Davos Seaworth and Gendry Baratheon.

Of course, you might be thinking – who cares? It’s just a plastic bottle.

But for a show that costs millions of dollars per episode, it’s embarrassing that mistakes like these have got past a huge team of production staff.

And you’d think after the coffee cup mistake they would have gone back and checked for this stuff…

Some fans joked that it looked like everyone was done with the show and just wanted to be finished with it.

Game of Thrones isn’t set at any particular time in history but the show is widely-thought to be inspired in part by the War of Roses.

The show’s technology generally suggests that it’s set in a time that resembles medieval England – with added dragons and magic.

So there’s no way to explain away that bottle as part of the show.

Maybe Game of Thrones’ lighting has been so dark for the past few seasons to hide these mistakes...

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