Hugh Jackman trolls Ryan Reynolds by 'threatening' $610m lawsuit for 'pain and suffering'

Hugh Jackman trolls Ryan Reynolds by 'threatening' $610m lawsuit for 'pain and suffering'
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Hugh Jackman jokingly threatened Ryan Reynolds with a $610m law suit for misuse of his likeness and "pain and suffering".

Reynolds's supposed "crime" was endorsing a fan-made Deadpool poster which featured Jackman as Wolverine in the background.

Jackman very publicly retired from his X-Men role, but fans still want to see his Wolverine encounter Reynolds's Deadpool.

This is unlikely to happen, although Deadpool 3 is reportedly being "actively developed". A release date is not yet known.

Jackman and Reynolds have been "feuding" for years.

The $610m lawsuit is just the latest instalment of years of hijinks.

Recently, Reynolds accused Jackman of being a "monster" for putting dancing shoes on his dog. (He didn't.)

Perhaps this was retaliation...?

And previously, Reynolds has pranked Jackman by crashing his press junkets dressed up as Deadpool.

Although the pair's "feud" began way back in 2008, Jackman's retirement from his role as Wolverine has been its recent focal point.

Jackman admitted that Reynolds is desperate to see his return, telling reporters that Reynolds is "sleeping outside my house" in an attempt to persuade him back (we can only assume he means metaphorically).

But even despite Reynolds's best efforts, and much to fans disappointment, Jackman has vowed he won't return.

And don't bother asking him, either – he'll just call his "lawyer".

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